Universal Birth Registration

A name and nationality is every child’s right, enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international treaties. Nevertheless, the births of nearly 230 million children under the age of five have never been registered. IAFN considers that birth registration is a Gospel issue since under-registration marginalises millions of children and adults, excluding them from the benefits and protection of citizenship. IAFN is therefore promoting the role of churches in raising awareness and helping families to overcome obstacles to birth registration.

In this Plan International video, Shaheeda and Shojun tell their stories and show why birth registration is important.

A recording of the World Council of Churches’ webinar on ‘Birth Registration and Statelessness: the Role of Churches’, November 2017, is here. Speakers: Kristen Wenz, UNICEF; Revd Canon John Kafwanka, International Anglican Family Network; Revd Dr Kortu Brown, Liberia Council of Churches; Lena Haap, UNHCR. Moderator: Revd Terrie Robinson, Anglican Communion Office.


Some tools to help churches raise awareness of the importance of birth registration.