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IAFN promoting Universal Birth Registration

Bishop James Tengatenga, President of the International Anglican Family Network, speaks about the need for governments and NGOs to work in partnership with the churches in assisting families to achieve birth registration.


Anglicans are committed to transforming structures in society which obstruct human potential and well-being. Our ministry to, among, and for children in particular is shaped by the example and teaching of Jesus who stood alongside those who have no voice and explicitly supported the welfare of children.

Millions of children and others are disadvantaged every year because their births have not been registered.

Birth registration is important for individuals, and for governments and international organisations that have responsibility for providing for their needs.

Achieving universal birth registration requires coordinated efforts by governments, individuals, groups and organisations, including churches, at every level.

 Birth registration briefing: the current situation; the disadvantages of non-registration; obstacles to birth registration; how Anglican churches can serve to overcome obstacles.

 Birth registration: theological reflection

 ACC resolution 15.05 on Birth Registration


IAFN Oceania Consultation held in Lower Hutt, Aotearoa New Zealand, October 2010

Theological reflections

 Equal in God’s Sight: When Power is Abused’ - Dr Jenny Te Paa, Ahorangi of Te Rau Kahikatea, College of St John the Evangelist, Auckland

 ‘The Beloved Child: I am, thou art, we are’ - The Revd Dr Raymond Pelly, Wellington Cathedral of St Paul

 ‘The Beloved Child: Self-emptying, self-humbling, relinquishment’ - The Revd Dr Raymond Pelly, Wellington Cathedral of St Paul


Powerpoint presentation The ‘Just Therapy’ Approach to Stopping Violence in Homes and the Community - Charles Waldegrave and Taimalieutu Kiwi Tamasese of the Family Centre, Lower Hutt, Wellington

 The Folau Alofa Trust (Pacific Men for Non-Violence): its strategy, values and programmes - Ned Cooke

 Te Kahui Mana Ririki (TKMR): a national Maori organisation working for the elimination of Maori Child Abuse - Ven Dr Hone Kaa

 The National Network of Stopping Violence: a network of community organisations working to end men’s violence to women and children across Aotearoa New Zealand - Brian Gardner and Parekotuku Moore

 Taeaomanino: a Pacific social service and health provider based in Porirua. Its range of social services include Family Violence Programmes and individualised counselling for victims and perpetrator and anger-management courses.

Anglican Consultative Council meeting, Auckland, 2012

 ‘We Can Stop Abuse: The journey from words to action’, a presentation by Warihi Campbell, Taimalieutu Kiwi Tamasese and Charles Waldegrave of the Family Centre, Anglican Social Services, Hutt Valley, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.