Promoting Health in Families, (June 2017)

“To be caught up in healing and healthcare is to be drawn into God’s passion for human flourishing and the family offers a primary context where such flourishing is founded - an agency for restoring hope and recovering community.” (Bishop David Rossdale, IAFN Chair)

These words encapsulate what IAFN’s latest newsletter is all about, sharing stories from around the Anglican Communion of the many supportive ways churches and dioceses are coming alongside families affected by health difficulties and challenges. From pregnancy and birth care through to chaplaincy care for elders, this newsletter contains stories of mental, physical and emotional health, of community action and creative response throughout the varying stages and circumstances of life.

We give thanks for the extraordinary service of the people represented in this newsletter and for many more whose stories have not yet been told but whose work and commitment to the restoration of those who suffer reflect  Jesus’ kindness and compassion. 

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News and Stories

A guide to story writing

Our newsletters tell the stories of grassroot ministries among families. Let us know what is happening where you are to support families under pressure and strengthen the God-given potential of the family as a source of thriving relationships, identity, belonging, discipleship and reconciliation. Write to the IAFN Coordinator, the Revd Angela Morrison, at

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Care and Dedication: 'Life Teams' in the Community

The church in Zimbabwe is strategically placed for effective community development. It has an extensive network of human resources—even in very remote communities, where there is little government presence and no NGO presence.  The Anglican Diocese of Niassa in Mozambique shows how healthcare in the community can be strengthened by voluntary ‘Equipas de Vida’.Rebecca J Vander Meulen, Director for Community Development in the Diocese explains.

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Celebrating every child: Healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy

The Revd Gabriel Anyiko Owino is an Anglican priest in Siaya County, Kenya. He has combined a faith approach with family planning information and has been encouraging couples to think about safe spacing of pregnancies so that every birth can be a healthy event for mother and baby, and every child is celebrated. Here, he writes about his experience...


Drug overdoses: clergy in Ottawa diocese, Canada, among those saving lives

The Revd Monique Stone has been leading the Diocese of Ottawa’s response to overdoses involving counterfeit opioid drugs sold illegally. She describes what has been happening.

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When a parish nurse joins the ministry team

Parish nursing, sometimes known as faith community nursing, is operational in over 30 countries around the world. In each place the training and support are adapted for that country’s context but the basic principles and the core training remain the same. Here, the Revd Dr Helen Wordsworth, a nurse educator, ordained minister and founder/director of Parish Nursing Ministries UK describes how parish nursing works...


A calling within a calling: parish priest and nurse midwife

The Revd Fr Edward Zimba describes how his two-fold ministry has been warmly accepted in a Zambian parish...


‘Wabvuwi’: the extraordinary story of a clinic for local communities

Edward Ndaima describes how a tragedy led to the building of a clinic at St Clare’s Mission, Mrewa, in the Diocese of Harare, Zimbabwe.